Agia Barbara Waterfall

The smallest waterfall in the area, surrounded by deciduous forest, with a small lake. Ideal place for relaxation and leisure. There is a mark.

Teddy Bear 7-47km

One of the largest streams in the area that supplies the Nestos. Noteworthy is the asphalt

route to Green Island with enduring aesthetic surprises.

21km Dipotamon bridge

Rapid arched bridge in an idyllic position of the bear with characteristic hydrophilic vegetation. There is a mark.

One-storey bridge “old guard of Dipotamon” 26km

One of the most beautiful monotonous bridges under the shade of cliffs. Access is by a trail starting 500 meters before Avgididis Farm. There is a mark.

Porcelain Factory 5km

Reference point for our tour. Climbing east we will find the settlement of Ano Tholos with houses of typical rural architecture. Continuing from the factory we will pass Arkoudorema where the right lane will lead us to the area of ​​Dipotamon – Trachoniou and Lepida and the left lane to Thermion – Elatias Forest – Fraktou Forest.

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